3 songs for CAAD Fest

Here is the videosession we made especially for Culture as a Dare Festival YouTube version in May 2020. That festival was not live streamed, we spent 3 evenings working on it. The first evening we just went to our tiny upstairs studio and were kind of “this is easy let’s do it. But dammit, how do we do it really nice? And then. Oh! Here is a mirror and another mirror and then would be nice to add one more. And then, well we need more mirrors!” Like this we spent the first evening – building a reflections within reflections stage in our small home studio. The next evening we recorded 8 songs thinking we will not do a second round. And then of course the 3rd evening, doing all the 8 songs the second round. And of course later deciding that we will just use 3 of those songs for the festival. You can find these songs at this link. Enjoy!

As a band we have not been overly active on the world wide web during the world wide lock down. Up until now we only did one live stream at the beginning of the quarantine period – it was in collaboration with Larrys Corner in Stockholm. We had planes to play there but had to cancel because of the whole situation. As we had played at Larrys twice before and had a good experience there – so this is why we organised that live stream to mark that third show at Larrys Corner that got cancelled because of you know what. It was a special experience broadcasted over both Ringhold and Larrys Corner FB pages. We have not left any footage of this concert hanging loose about the world wide web – if you were there then you heard it and we felt it. Thank you to the ones who attended – it was a fragile time, just one month into the first world wide lock down in that unfortunate spring of 2020.