Ringhold at The Saddest Music in the World Contest

On May 31st Ringhold took part in The Saddest Music in the World Contest that tok place in Berlin at Holzmarkt25. We participated in this contest with our song Loobumine and Ringhold came in 3rd thanks to the audience who voted for our performace. The evening was hosted by musician Joann Gemma Auguri and took place in Berlin atwas lead Others acts that participated were: Lucy Kruger, Jeff Özdemir, Ian Leding, Hazel Iris, Liebeskid, Black Veil, Gene Galaxo, Gurgulitza, Oleksandr Burdyug, Marc Marcovic +++ DJ Psycho Jones.

Loobumine can be found among the 6 songs on our latest album KAEV. Author of the lyrics to this song is Tanel Rander.